Only a short time ago, the statue project was barely a gleam in Pres. Dr. Jim Rydland's eye! Now, it looks like the Hawk's Prairie Rotary Statue project could become a reality, even sooner than we think!

*Special Note to the above article: The City of Lacey Washington has been working with the developer of the site, and has since commisioned $20,000 for this Rotary Centennial Project! Also, Hawk's Prairie Rotary has started production of the statue thanks to the sponsorship of Venture Bank and ABC Printing. Hawk's Prairie Rotary needs help in finishing the job! By commissioning a number of great awards to encourage sponsorship of the statue. The awards include a 20" and 12" bronze statue, a limited edition lithograph signed by the artist Gareth Curtiss , and a smaller 81/2 X 11" version of the lithograph. The statues are an exact replica of the larger full sized statue to be placed in the Hawk's Prairie Area of Lacey. Sponsor levels and awards are as follows: $10,000 and aboveâ¿¢ 20" Bronze Statue, $5000â¿¢ 12" Bronze Statue, $100 Signed and Numbered Lithograph, $25 8/12X11" Lithograph Print. For more information Dr. Jim Rydland 360-870-3201 donations may be mailed to:
Hawks Prairie Rotary Foundation
PMB 122
1401 Marvin Rd. N.E., Suite 307
Lacey, Washington 98516