That's right... on Saturday Sept. 13th, 2008. Hawks Prairie Rotary will once again conduct it's signature event. The 6th Annual March to Support Military Families! Since it's inception in 2002. This event has raised over $200,000, and also led HP Rotary to install the Statue that welcomes people to Lacey at the corner of Quinault and Marvin Road, dedicated to Military Families as our Centennial Project
Under the able direction of Dave Newkirk, this years March should be our biggest fundraiser yet! So right now, you can do 2 things. #1 Make out a check to HP Rotary as a donation to The march to Support Military Families. (we'll take credit card donations as well!) #2. Encourage all the business people you know to donate to this worthy enterprise(Andrew Oczkewicz got his neighbor from America's Credit Union involved! Last week they gave us a check for $5000! and they said that they had already sold $1000 worth of the new military bear.. check it out at any Americas Credit Union!. #3. Please make plans to attend the March on Saturday Sept 13th (check out for all the details! Thank You!