Growing our membership* is important for us!  It increases the number of people contributing to the Rotary mission, the money Rotary raises through the collection of dues, and the networking capabilities of this group as a whole.  That's why bringing in new members is everyone's responsibility at Hawk's Prairie Rotary! For the first time, in order to help jumpstart our 2008 membership recruitment, we are officially declaring January as "Hawk's Prairie Rotary Membership Month"!  Our goal is 100% participation and we are encouraging every HP Rotarian to bring one guest to one meeting in the month of January.  Here's how it will work:
Members should bring one guest/potential member to attend one meeting during the month of January.  We are looking for people who possess the following characteristics:
    • Honest
    • Fun-loving
    • Committed
    • Community focused
    • Available for participation  (ie control their own time)
    • Ideally, while bringing in people from different classifications is important, equally important are the personal characteristics that they bring to our club. Skilled in project management, financial services, information systems, & event management.  This will help our club as we continue to grow and flourish with new club events and projects.
  • All guests brought in January will have their lunch paid for by the club, so there is no cost to you!
  • All HP Rotarians who bring a guest will be given a make-up for doing so - extra incentive!
  • Please contact our membership committee if you have questions about a prospective guest's membership classification and what our club needs are.
  • Please give Randy Luke at least one week's notice that you will be bringing a guest so he can account for the food.

With everyone's help we can start the year off with a bang! Thank you! The Membership Committee:  Al Eckroth, Chair;  Bill Bryant; Jay Cohn; Scott Daukas; Joe Hoshall, Angelique Wilson.

* 52 members, with 4 added member nominees as of 11/19/07.  Our club goal is reach 75 members by 6/30/07.  Let's reach this goal together  and become the fastest growing Rotary Club in our area.