LACEY, April 20 -- Bob Kagy went to Brazil and traveled the wilds of the Amazon this month.¦nbsp; While there with his family, he visited his son, who is on a Rotary exchange with a family who lives six and half hours from Sao Paulo.¦nbsp; That is highway miles to any one who's wondering.¦nbsp; Bob took a load of Hawk's Prairie Rotary golf shirts and handed them out at local Rotary meetings.¦nbsp; Needless to say, those shirts where quickly snapped up and immediately worn.¦nbsp; What a great exchange of Rotarian friendship!¦nbsp; Before he left, his newly found Rotary Chapter of Candido Moto presented him with the framed flag proudly held by Bob in the photograph.¦nbsp; Photos of his visit is available at this link:¦nbsp;